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Success Stories

Nora Gray Success Story

When the COVID-19 pandemic began Nora Gray was employed in the healthcare field as a CNA, Certified Nursing Assistant, little did she know the impact that Coronavirus would have on her employment status. Nora was a former employee of Landmark of Laurel Creek but was employed at Signature Healthcare of Jackson Manor when she was laid off from her position due to issues stemming from the pandemic. Upon becoming unemployed Nora began to seek out employment assistance and contacted one of our WIOA Case Workers.

Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) is a career advising service within Clay and Jackson Counties that is under contract with the Eastern Kentucky Concentrated Employment Program (EKCEP). WIOA services can be accessed via The Daniel Boone JobSight which is located at the Daniel Boone Community Action Agency in Manchester. WIOA services assists dislocated workers in re-entering the workforce and enables them to either re-skill or upskill themselves into higher quality positions and careers. WIOA services not only assist adult dislocated workers but they also provide services for at-risk youth in the community and area employers.

While discussing training and employment options with Nora, our WIOA Case Worker determined that Nora was interested in obtaining her CMA license and re-entering the healthcare field. WIOA enrolled Nora into Certified Medical Assistant training at Choice MD on August 30th, 2020. Nora’s case worker was able to locate funding in order for her to complete her training by December 30th, 2020. Since Nora was in need of experience in her desired field as a CMA her worker was able to receive approval for her to complete a paid internship with Grace Health. Nora completed her NHA exam and passed on March 15th, 2021, she also completed her internship of 400 hours with Grace Health.  Upon completing her internship with Grace Health Nora was hired on with them as a licensed CMA on May 15th, 2021.

During Nora’s CMA training it became apparent that she was residing in an uninhabitable home that was condemnable. The structure, in the end, had to be demolished. Upon learning this information, Nora’s WIOA Case Worker referred her to our Emergency Services Department for housing and utility assistance. Emergency Services Case Workers were able to assist Nora with her rent and utilities via programs such as LIHEAP; along with assisting her with additional CSBG CARES Grant money designated for those who are unemployed and receiving Unemployment Insurance payments.

While Nora was working via her paid internship with Grace Health she was able to save up enough money to pay a down payment on a mobile home and have it set on the land she owned where her previous home once stood. Nora has plans to continue her education in the medical field and has now applied to Somerset Community College to obtain her LPN degree. Nora will become enrolled in courses at SCC during the Fall semester of 2022.

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